How To Plan A Memorable And Fun Birthday Party For Your Child

23 June 2017
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Are you feeling just a little bit melancholy about the fact that your child has another birthday? You may be remembering when he or she was born, and the years are adding up fast. No worries! There are fun adventures ahead and a birthday is a great reason to celebrate with a party. Here are some ideas for you to plan something memorable and fun for your child.

The Invitations - Part of the fun of a party is in planning what you'll do for the invitations. The recipients of those invitations can begin to anticipate just what they'll experience at the event. 

  • Consider sending your invitations in the mail. Of course, a phone call or an invitation by email will do the job, but it's probably not as much fun as getting something in the mail.
  • It might be fun for you and your child to make the invitations by hand. Consider cutting funny pictures out of magazines to use on the front of the invitation. 
  • Another idea is to use a baby picture and add words like I've Come A Long Way Baby on the front of the invitation.
  • Don't forget to put an RSVP contact as part of the invitation. You may not get responses from everybody, but knowing approximately how many will come is a big help.

Plan The Event - Again, unless it's going to be a surprise party, let your child be part of the planning process. 

  • Are you going to have the party at your house? Consider having a theme for your party. A safari party, a space party, a cowboy them and a circus theme are all good choices.
  • Since it's summer, think about having the party outside and including water play for the games.
  • If you have the party inside, think about emptying your largest room of its furniture so there will be plenty of room for games.
  • Think about going away from your home for the party. Choose a restaurant that caters to children because it is likely that the restaurant will have an indoor play space. Another thought is to go to an actual event center that has trampolines and other fun play equipment. Places like We Orbit are great for this. Then come back to your house for cake and ice cream.

No matter where you hold your child's birthday party, you'll want to send home fun party favors. Instead of the usual bag of candies, think of sending one candy bar with a coupon to go to a place that offers games for children. You'll be a hero!