Attending Preschool Provides Benefits For Your Young Child

15 January 2019
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While you may be nervous about leaving your young child at a preschool, there are many reasons to consider this option for child care. Your child gets the chance to be among peers, will learn new skills, and will begin preparation for kindergarten. When your child spends the day in a structured environment, they will become better at following instructions and sharing with their peers. While you may be working on these skills at home, time in preschool will help your child practice the skills you are trying to teach. Children who attend preschool learn the structure of a school day while still being allowed plenty of time for play and rest.

Growth Is Emotional and Social

When your child is in preschool at a school like Leaps and Bounds, you may see many positive changes in their behavior. As they are surrounded by peers and are following the expectations of the preschool throughout the day, you will see growth in their emotional and social abilities. Your child may begin to talk more readily to peers, or be better able to cope when they are told "no." Children in preschool learn coping skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Your Child Has Choices Throughout the Day

While the environment often looks chaotic in a preschool, the day does have plenty of structure. Your child will feel comfortable in an environment where they know nap time comes after lunch. They will enjoy the routine, but they will also have an opportunity to make choices. Times of free play allow your child to explore areas within the classroom and give them the opportunity to choose what they want to do for an activity. This gives your child a sense of control over their lives and promotes independence.

Children Learn Self Care

Your child will be taught to clean up toys, and to wash their hands before and after meals and after using the bathroom. While in preschool, your child will learn skills that teach them to be more independent. If there is a pet in the preschool, your child will also learn how to care for other creatures. Everyone needs help sometimes, and this is a lesson your child will learn repeatedly.

Attending preschool can have a positive impact on your child. From socialization to learning skills to prepare for kindergarten, your child will benefit from going to preschool. In a quality school, your child will get the structure they need yet have free time to make choices.