Do You Work Outside The Home?

15 July 2019
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If you are a stay-at-home mom, it might be a bit ironic to you when people ask you if you work. From making beds to doing laundry and being the family chauffeur, you probably have what feels like a full-time job. However, maybe you have also decided to work outside the home. Perhaps you and your husband have determined that your present budget necessitates a second income, or you might be a single mother and your kids depend on your income.

No matter where you will be working, surely the biggest thing on your mind is the question, "What will I do with my little kids?" Do you already have a plan for that? If so, you must feel very relieved. On the other hand, maybe you are looking for ideas. If that's the case, here are some ideas that might help you.

Pay A Stay-At-Home Mom - Maybe you are fortunate that your children's grandparents have very willingly offered to watch the kids. However, grandparents might not be available to do that service. If that's the case, consider finding a trustworthy stay-at-home mom to watch your children for you.

You might be surprised that a friend of yours would love to make some extra spending money. Her reasoning might be, "I have to watch my own children, and additional ones will not be that big of a deal." Have a back-up plan for times when that mom is out of town or isn't able to watch the children for another reason.

Year-Round Preschool - Perhaps you're just not comfortable asking somebody to watch your children for you. Or, maybe you asked and you struck out. Consider arranging for your children to attend a year-round preschool. There are probably several that are close to your home, so you'll even have a choice. Think about visiting the preschools in person so that you can get a feeling for which one will be best for your children.

The great thing about year-round preschool is that your children will be cared for by individuals who have the training and the experience to keep them safe and happy. Plus, it will be fun for your kids to play with other children who attend the year-round preschool. The bonus is that there will be learning activities that will help to prepare your children for the day that they go to kindergarten. 

For more information on year-round preschool, contact your local school system.