What Should You Send To Daycare With Your Child?

13 February 2020
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Young children can't be left by themselves. Unfortunately, they are not yet at the age where they can attend school while their parents are at work. That's where a daycare center can help. Daycare centers allow kids to have the supervision and adult attention they need throughout the day, so their parents can take care of the tasks they need to complete. In order to give your child a good daycare experience, you should make sure they are adequately prepared. Here are four things you should send your child to daycare with:

1. Spare Clothes

If your child is still getting the hang of toilet training, you'll want to send them to daycare with a set of spare clothes. Even kids who are already toilet trained may have accidents due to small bladders. Send your child to daycare with a set of spare pants and underwear. You may want to include a spare shirt as well, just in case. Find out if there's somewhere you can leave these items in the daycare itself, so your child doesn't need to carry them to and from the daycare center each day.

2. Comfort Items

Young children sometimes have difficulty being separated from their parents for long periods of time. You can help your child adjust to their daycare by sending them with comfort items. If your child still sucks on a pacifier, you should make sure they have it. Some kids take comfort in a favorite soft toy or a blanket. Before sending your child to daycare with a toy, make sure outside items are allowed at the daycare center. Use a permanent marker to write your child's name somewhere on the item, so it doesn't accidentally get mistaken for someone else's property.

3. Nap Supplies

Children need more sleep than adults. In order to keep your child healthy and in good spirits, their daycare teacher will set aside time for naps during the day. In order to sleep comfortably, your child will need a blanket and a cushion for the floor. You can find sleeping mats specifically designed for daycare use. These mats usually fold up into a portable form that can be easily stored at the daycare.

4. Snacks

Snacks will likely be provided by the daycare, but you can send additional snacks with your child if they have specific food preferences. Find out which snacks are allowed at the daycare. Common allergens are usually banned from daycares, including peanuts and tree nuts. Some daycares have rules restricting unhealthy snacks like candy too. Contact someone in your area to find the right child care for your needs.