Do You Work Outside The Home?

15 July 2019
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If you are a stay-at-home mom, it might be a bit ironic to you when people ask you if you work. From making beds to doing laundry and being the family chauffeur, you probably have what feels like a full-time job. However, maybe you have also decided to work outside the home. Perhaps you and your husband have determined that your present budget necessitates a second income, or you might be a single mother and your kids depend on your income. Read More 

Attending Preschool Provides Benefits For Your Young Child

15 January 2019
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While you may be nervous about leaving your young child at a preschool, there are many reasons to consider this option for child care. Your child gets the chance to be among peers, will learn new skills, and will begin preparation for kindergarten. When your child spends the day in a structured environment, they will become better at following instructions and sharing with their peers. While you may be working on these skills at home, time in preschool will help your child practice the skills you are trying to teach. Read More